June 2016...


New songs are on the horizon!





Efforts are now being made to re-release the last 4 albums under the same label. A lot of thought and care was put into releasing 'Colours' that I feel it only fair to bring to life previous works. This should all tie in perfect for 'So Far So Good' tour  in 2017.


I will be using most of the same recordings and artwork but with new lease of life. Re-mastering, a few subtle changes and re-packaging. This will give the new audience a chance to listen to my back catalogue in all its splendor.  


Thanks again.....


I would like to send out a massive thanks for your support over the past months. You're an inspiration and the driving force in keeping me active with what I do.

Every year, every album and every tour goes from strength to strength and your support makes it all worth while. I still see friendly faces, old and new. This is amazing.


Thank you






24th July - Balihoo Resturant & Clubhouse, Cotswolds


31st July - Balihoo Resturant & Clubhouse, Cotswolds


7th August - Balihoo Resturant & Clubhouse, Cotswolds


21st August - Balihoo Resturant & Clubhouse, Cotswolds


26th August - Balihoo Resturant & Clubhouse, Cotswolds. Full Band


26th August - Brampton Manor, Chesterfield



Currently working on new material through in to 2015/16



Damon Downs (C) & (P) 2016

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